User Tags (enabled initially for new venues)

TL;DR: Today we're happy to announce user tagging: a feature that further simplifies Skedda's concepts while simultaneously giving you more power to manage how your users can interact and book.

Before we explain it in detail, just keep in mind that this feature is initially enabled for new venue accounts. It will be progressively enabled for existing venues in the coming weeks (no action is required to enable it).

The basic idea is that we've merged the concepts of access levels and user groups into a single, simpler concept of user tags. Each user can have any number of tags. When this new feature is enabled on your existing venue account, you'll see that your admins now hold the Admin tag and your trusted users now hold the Trusted tag (Regular users hold neither tag). Likewise, any groups you've created will also be converted into tags and applied to your relevant users.

For example, this classic users list...


...will look like so after the feature is enabled:


Rest assured that the practical permissions and actions available to each user have not changed: it's just a simpler way of structuring the same ideas.

Once the feature is enabled, admins are free to create their own custom tags too. For example, here an admin has created the tags Junior, Member, Pays cash and Trainer.

Booking System   Test Tags   Skedda (2).png

Going forward, the simple tags concept will allow us to offer some powerful improvements to the product. Already with this release, admins can just specify the tag(s) a user must have to be able to book (at a high level) and the tags a user must have to be exempt from online payments (if enabled). For example, here an admin is specifying that only users tagged as a Member or Trainer can book, while users tagged with Pays cash should additionally be exempt from online payments:

Booking System   Test Tags   Skedda (3).png

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda.png

In a similar way, the new color-scheme editor allows admins to style their scheduler based on user tags. The following rule, for example, says to "color a booking purple if its holder is a Member or an Admin":

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (1).png

We've also completely redesigned the spaces section. It's now trivial to create, edit, re-order and delete spaces. The editor for configuring space-sharing (dependencies between spaces) is also new and more intuitive.


The controls for setting up booking and pricing conditions for a space have also been improved, and now allow rule filters based on tags. For example, the following pricing condition says to charge a fixed price of $10.00 for bookings made by Members and Trainers:

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (2).png

We hope you're starting to see a pattern here: Skedda's features can vary in a flexible way based on the tags you apply to users. You'll see this pattern repeat as we continue to improve Skedda. The result is a flexible way to meet the booking requirements of your venue without requiring a degree in rocket-surgery!

To finish up, there's one more feature in this update that particularly resonates with our vision of maximizing self-service and minimizing the workload of admins: it's now possible to generate and send out tag-specific invitation links. For example, the following link ensures that the tags Member and Junior are applied to any person that registers using it. This means that admins can invite different kinds of users in bulk, knowing that each will interact with the system in the appropriate way and not have to worry about micro-managing the permissions of each user.

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (3).png

We hope that your team will find these updates useful. As usual, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about these improvements.