Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Settings rework - including the ability to specify visuals and descriptions for spaces (initially enabled for new signups)

TL;DR - We've consolidated the owner-accessible settings pages of Skedda. Among numerous improvements, two highlights of the rework are the ability to upload images/photos for spaces and the ability to specify rich descriptive text for spaces (quick example below)!


Today we're happy to announce a significant and feature-rich rework of the settings pages in Skedda 👍!

Before we elaborate, just note that we're currently in the roll-out phase for these changes (currently enabled for new signups). Owners of existing Skedda venues will see these changes enabled automatically on their account in the coming weeks (no action is required).

Settings unification

So…the most obvious part of the rework is that the Manage Spaces area of the app is gone. All of the Owner-accessible settings (including the management of spaces) can now be reached via the one-stop Settings area, accessed with a single click of the cog in the navbar:


You'll notice from the demo above that the Settings area has enjoyed a face-lift. Settings pages are now grouped into intuitive categories and have an accompanying icon for easier navigation and digestion.

New Spaces page

The new Spaces page is the place to easily create and manage your venue's spaces. This page includes a number of new features:

  • You can now upload images and photos for your spaces.
  • You can now specify rich descriptive text for your spaces. Markdown is supported (headers, lists, emphasis, links…).

Once provided, the images and descriptive text can be viewed by all users on your scheduler via the space's "info" icon. Selecting this icon brings up a rich modal dialog showing all of the information about the space, accompanied by a carousel of the corresponding space images. Here's a quick video showing an example:


A further improvement on the new Spaces page is the ability to drag-and-drop spaces to reorder them. Here's a quick example:


New Booking Conditions and Pricing Rules pages

Previously, booking conditions and pricing rules were specified at the level of each space. Now, both of these features exist at the venue level - the relevant conditions/rules now simply include a spaces filter so that it's simple to specify the spaces to which they apply! Here's an example of the owner creating conditions in the new interface that vary by space:


The idea is the same with pricing rules. Note also that it's now possible to easily reorder pricing rules (important because the ordering of pricing rules matters)! Here's an example of the owner creating a general "catch-all" pricing rule and a "specific" one following it. In order for the specific rule to be chosen over the "catch-all" rule, it needs to come first (so the admin moves it to the first position).


We hope you find this rework and the new features useful! As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

The Skedda Team