Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Set payment status on booking create; Personal iCal feeds

Today we're happy to announce that we've finished rolling out two new features 👍.

1. Set payment status on booking create

It's now possible for admins to set the payment status while creating a booking (previously an extra edit step was needed):

Booking System   Sky Studio   Skedda (1).png

2. Personal iCal feeds

Skedda has always offered venue-level iCal feeds so that admins can pull all venue booking information into an external calendar. User-level iCal feeds are now available, enabling each user to subscribe to and pull just their own bookings from Skedda into their external calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar etc).

Users can find their personal iCal feed link in their My Profile area. Each link is unique, private and secured with a key (the key can be regenerated if required):

Booking System   Sky Studio   Skedda.png

Like the venue-level iCal feed, these new user-level iCal feeds are available for venues with an active subscription to our Integrations pack.

We hope that you and your users find these new features useful, and as always invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions!