Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Self-service (non-admin) booking edits

Today we're excited to announce that it's now possible for non-admins to make self-service changes to their bookings (to the extent allowed by your configured policies, of course) 👍. Previously, if a non-admin wanted to change their own booking, they'd have to cancel and re-book it (or reach out to an admin). The ability for non-admins to be able to directly self-service edit their bookings has been at the top of our "most wanted" list of features for some time now, and we're rapt that it's now here!

Here's a short video showing a non-admin user creating a booking and subsequently editing it to change its duration and custom-field values. The option to edit is found next to the existing option to cancel (in the booking's dropdown menu on any scheduler mode).


This new feature is "smart" in that it respects all the booking policies you have in place. In short, to maintain integrity and keep things consistent, an edit won't be allowed if the same changes couldn't also be achieved with the existing "cancel and re-book" approach. For example, here are some concrete situations in which a booking isn't allowed to be edited directly by a non-admin:

  • The booking is "locked-in" (as per your lock-in policy in your settings). Bookings that are locked-in can only be modified or cancelled by admins.
  • The booking has a price and is marked paid. To avoid financial oversights, only admins can cancel or edit bookings that are marked paid (addressing and authorizing the question of refunds or extra charges in the process).
  • The booking was created by an admin in a way that couldn't have been done by the holder themselves (e.g. the booking is for a custom price, or it's a repeating booking and the holder hasn't been given the ability to manage repeating bookings). In this case, only the admin can make changes to the booking directly.
  • The user tries to extend their booking duration, but in doing so violates a policy like a booking- or quota-condition. In such cases they'll see an informative error message.
  • The user tries to change their booking start time in a way that violates a configured advance-notice rule. Again, in such cases they'll see an informative error message.

Aside from such examples, non-admin edit will be available to users when your policies allow it, saving everyone heaps of time!

We hope that everyone enjoys this new feature, and we invite you to reach out to us as always if you have any questions!

The Skedda Team