Progressive app for mobile devices: zero-install, standalone and whitelabeled

You and your users can now easily install your venue's new standalone mobile app directly from your venue's Skedda page...just accept the pop-up invitation!

Here's a short example of how it works in Chrome on Android. The invitation to install the app will popup automatically on your next visit your venue's Skedda URL (if it doesn't, you can alternatively choose to add it from the menu).

The custom names for the "splash screen" and home-screen icon are in line with our vision to make this your app, not ours. In this spirit, your new app offers the following benefits:

  • Low-friction "zero-install": rather than requiring each one of your users to go through a mediator (e.g. the Play Store), then search for a generic product name (like "Skedda"), then finally wait to download and install large files (that often need a WiFi connection), your users simply need one tap to install your new mobile app directly from your venue's Skedda page.

  • Fully-functional: your new mobile app consistently offers all the same great functionality as the web interface.

  • Update-on-use: your new mobile app updates automatically whenever it's used, so there's no need for you or your users to worry about version numbers or manually maintain updates.

  • Whitelabeled: your new mobile app displays with your venue name on the home and splash screen (note that this whitelabeling is a feature of paid access - apps for venues on our free plan are simply named "Skedda").

For whitelabeling, the name of your app is controlled with a new setting in your venue's Skedda profile: the Short venue name. We recommend setting this value to an abbreviation or acronym of your full venue name. If you leave it blank, we'll just use an abbreviated form of your full venue name.

We're also planning further features and improvements for your mobile app, including an offline mode and push notifications - stay tuned!

Finally, please note that this feature is primarily focused on Android devices at this stage. Our friends over at Apple are not yet quite finished implementing the corresponding standards that we need to fully support this approach for iOS devices, but they're definitely working on it and it doesn't look like it's too far away. In the meantime, you can follow the existing approach described in our support article to easily add the mobile browser version of Skedda to the home screen of an iOS device.

We see this addition as an important step in our ongoing efforts to spread modern- and advanced-love to our mobile users everywhere, and hope that it proves useful for you and your community/team.

Enjoy your weekend!