New "Wall-Calendar"/"Weeks" Mode

Rolling with the momentum of our recent UI rework, we're happy to be announcing a new Month scheduler mode containing a week-by-week overview of bookings (i.e. classic wall-calendar-style).

Booking System   Sked Studios   Skedda.png

This new mode is one of our "most wanted" features and is a natural complement to the other three modes, helping users to digest venue bookings week-by-week. All of the same booking-management functions are available on this new mode, including the ability to create a new booking with the green plus down the bottom right. The display is responsive to your device height and adapts dynamically to fill all available space, thereby maximizing the amount of visible booking information without having to scroll.

As shown in the following video, the popovers in this new mode show the spaces used by each booking. Additionally, the spaces filter up the top right can be used as usual to filter bookings by any views (locations, areas, groups of spaces) you've setup.


Note that the former Month mode has been renamed to Grid mode (a name we feel is more logical considering it lays out days against spaces). Also note that this new Month mode is a bit too "information heavy" to be useful on small mobiles, so you won't see it as an option on these small devices (we recommend the List mode for a similar presentation of information on small mobiles).

Finally, note that there are still a few venues for which we have not yet enabled the new UI and hence won't yet see this new Month mode. We expect the migration of these final venues to be complete within the next week.

Enjoy the new scheduler Month mode and feel free to reach out to us as always if you have any questions!