Skedda updates
Skedda updates

New features for floor plans / maps

Today we're happy to announce a number of new features for floor plans / maps 👍.

1. "Where am I?"

Your non-admin users can now see their own bookings highlighted with a user symbol (in your organization's brand color) when they explore the map. This is particularly handy if they just arrived for a booking and need a reminder of exactly where they booked! Here's a quick screenshot.

download (24).png

2. Timeline summary for map spaces

Clicking on any map space will now show its timeline for the day, including all its bookings and all the times around them that are available to book. Users can book directly from the timeline or from the primary button at the top (which starts a booking for the time that the user explored through the range-slider on the map). Here's a short video to give you the idea (also demonstrates strict blocking conditions, which in this example require the user to book exactly 4:00pm to 10:00pm):


3. Booking-management, directly from the map

The map mode now offers users and admins all the same booking-management capabilities as the other scheduler modes (day, grid, month, list). This means that users no longer need to navigate to another scheduler mode in order to change or cancel, for example! Here's a short video showing how Sally can cancel the booking that she made above, directly from the map:


4. "Where's Suzy?"

Non-admin users now have a new filter on the list mode if you've chosen to share booking-holder information with them. To complement the option of seeing "All bookings" and "My bookings", users will now see an "Others" option which allows them to show just those bookings held by another user. This is very handy if Paul would like to quickly find when and where Suzy is booked. A search option is included inline to make the selection easy if you have a big team! Here's a screenshot to give you the idea:

download (25).png

We hope you and your users find these features valuable! If you don't yet have a floor plan / map for your Skedda account, just reach out to our support team (e.g. via email or the in-app chat widget) and we'll be happy to help! We can also quickly enable or share a demo map with you if you'd like to have a play with it!

The Skedda team