"Edit this and following occurrences" feature

Today we're happy to release a new feature for working with recurring/repeating bookings.

Until now, admins could edit a repeating booking in one of two ways, namely 1) by editing a single occurrence or 2) by editing the entire series (i.e. all occurrences, both past and future). With today's release, admins can benefit from the option to edit from a chosen occurrence only. This feature makes it much simpler to make changes to a repeating booking from a certain point without affecting previous occurrences (which often need to be left unchanged for record-keeping purposes).

Booking System   Sked Studios   Skedda (1).png

This new feature functions just as you would expect with respect to notifications: the holder is notified if an admin makes a change to their booking. Naturally, the feature also stores event logs in the usual format for review in your Booking activity feed.

On a related note (mainly relevant for venues where pricing is involved): we're happy to mention that we've started working on the ability for repeating bookings to have a paid payment status, and hence the ability to charge and accept payments for repeating bookings. Stay tuned for more on this within the next month!

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if there are any questions we can answer for you, and enjoy your weekend!