Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Duplicate/clone booking, Option to hide payment fields

Today we're happy to announce two new highly-requested features! 👍

1. Duplicate/Clone Booking

It's now possible to create a new booking from the "duplicate" or "clone" of another. Admins can duplicate any booking, and regular users ("non-admins") can duplicate any of their own bookings (assuming of course that a new booking with the same attributes is still allowed by the venue's configured policies).

The option to duplicate a booking is available from any scheduler mode in the booking dropdown as shown below. The "New booking" modal is then shown with the duplicated booking information, ready for fine-tuning and confirmation. Conflicts are never allowed in Skedda, so at the very minimum the date/time/spaces of the duplicate booking need to be adjusted as desired.

download (20).png

2. Option to hide payment fields

The Price and Payment status fields are now omitted from booking forms when the venue has no pricing rules setup (in Settings => Pricing). The intuition is that these fields are unnecessary if pricing is not relevant for a venue.

If the venue does have pricing rules setup, the Price and Payment status fields will of course continue to be available as part of the admin booking forms (as shown below).

download (21).png

As part of enabling this change for existing venues, we made sure that these fields will continue to show for venues that have made use of them in the past.

We hope you find these features useful, and invite you as always to reach out to us if you have any questions!

The Skedda team