Custom Terms & Conditions

Venues can now integrate their own custom Terms and Conditions for obtaining consent from users. Users will be required to accept these terms when they first interact with your venue account (i.e. when registering themselves using an invitation link, or when making their first booking).

This feature is useful for venues that need to comply with particular regulations, or simply to communicate policies and/or responsibilities to users.

A venue admin can specify the link to their custom Terms and Conditions in the Venue Profile -> Custom Booking Information section:

Booking System   Leederville Tennis Club   Skedda (1).png

The link could be to a page on your own website that contains your policies, or it could be a link to a downloadable PDF document or similar. Once a link is provided, it will be included in the relevant areas of the app. For example, here's how it appears for a user making their first booking:

Booking System   Downtown Rooms   Skedda.png

We hope that you find this feature useful and, as always, invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions.