Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Custom fields for bookings

TL/DR: We've completed the Custom fields feature: a powerful and flexible way to collect and manage additional information for bookings 👍.

The details:

Today we're pretty excited to be announcing the release of the Custom fields feature. Initially, we've enabled it for new venue accounts only. We'll be progressively switching it on for existing accounts over the next couple of weeks.

This feature has been highly requested by our fans for some time now, and we've invested the time to make sure it's mighty flexible and powerful for addressing various needs!

Custom fields can be created by the venue owner on the Settings -> Custom booking fields page. Various field types can be created:

  • Single-line text
  • Multi-line text
  • Single-select dropdown
  • Multi-select dropdown
  • Number
  • Checkbox

Here's an owner creating a Multi-select dropdown field, for example:


As shown, the field-builder includes a bunch of options and a handy real-time preview so that you can see the result immediately as you work your magic.

Custom fields support:

  • Labels, placeholders and help text (with the ability to add links).
  • The ability to specify that a field is required. For Multi-select dropdowns and Number fields, we even let you restrict the allowable selection count and number range.
  • The ability to specify that the field's values are for admin-eyes only.

Here's an example of how fields appear on the booking form after they've been created. In this example it's an admin creating the booking. The fields shown are the Multi-select dropdown from before as well as a Checkbox (with a link) that we've specified must be checked. They admin sees a validation error when they forget to check the box:


This also shows how admins are able to add/remove fields from a booking as they choose. For non-admins, you're able to specify precisely which fields should be included when they create their self-service bookings (we call these the "inclusion conditions"). By default, all fields are always included, but you can override this to really customize things. For example, you might like to have

  • one text field that is admin-only,
  • one number field that is only included on bookings for certain spaces (e.g. Attendance count) , and
  • two dropdowns that are only included on bookings of the Unavailable type.

These are just some examples of the kinds of behavior you can achieve with this new feature. The options really are almost endless, and we're excited to see how you put them to work for you!

Of course, custom fields are respected in emails, exports, printouts, popovers, search fields, scheduler views and Zapier triggers, so the information collected will be consumable in all the ways you expect.

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions on this feature or if you'd like some help getting things setup!

Happy field-building!