Skedda updates
Skedda updates

Booking window rules (a.k.a. "advance notice" or "priority booking" rules)

Today we're happy to announce the release of the Booking-window / Advance-notice rules feature, another highly-requested item from our "most wanted" list 👍. This feature lets you specify different advance-notice booking requirements for different spaces and user types (via user tags). One common use-case for this feature is to give certain kinds of users the privilege of booking with "early-access".

For example, perhaps Members have the benefit of being able to book Studio 1 up to 14 days out, whereas all other users can only do so up to 7 days out. This gives those members preferential treatment (i.e. early/priority booking access to Studio 1).

The owner can create such rules in the new Settings > Booking window area. Here's a short video showing the owner creating the above rules for Studio 1:


You can see our dedicated support article on this feature for more information.

The ability to create rules in this way replaces our previous booking-window feature, which was "global" in the sense that it didn't allow for per-tag or per-space customization. For existing accounts which already had such a booking-window configured, we've translated it into the new rules language so that things will continue to work the same (no action required).

The ability to create up to two of these rules is included in Skedda CORE, and with our Pro Pack you can you can create as many rules as you like!

We hope that your team and booking community will find this new feature useful! As always, we invite you to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or you'd like a hand configuring your settings!

The Skedda Team