"Billing history" of Skedda subscription receipts/invoices is now available

Admins of venues with paid Skedda access can now view the venue's "Billing History" for paid Skedda subscription fees.

You can find the billing history by heading to the venue settings, choosing "Your Skedda Plan", then scrolling down to the "Billing History" section.


Clicking on "Show billing history" will show you a pop-up modal with your list of invoices/receipts. Each receipt can be viewed in HTML, downloaded in PDF and emailed as a PDF attachment. You can also package a number of invoices/receipts and download them in ZIP format. Finally, you can click on "Receipt Settings" to customize them, for example to include your venue's address and business/taxation identifiers in the header (for complying with any taxation/legal requirements you may have).

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We hope that your venue finds this useful for managing your Skedda subscription.