A new feature ("Cancel this and any following occurrences") and a number of other improvements

In tune with our vision of maximizing self-service and reducing the workload of admins, we're happy to announce an enhancement to the way that non-admin users can cancel their bookings (when allowed to).

Until now, if a non-admin user wanted to cancel a repeating booking, they'd have to cancel each occurrence individually (which we concede was somewhat painful, and we received some decent criticism about it!). Now, the user can simply select "Cancel this and any following occurrences" to remove all occurrences of a recurring booking from the chosen date.

Of course, this feature still respects the venue's cancellation policy ("lock-in"). That is, if the chosen occurrence is already locked in, this new option won't be available.

To illustrate, here's an example of Skedda Fred looking at his four upcoming weekly bookings for a function room from the list view. The first occurrence is already "locked in" because of the venue's 72-hour cancellation policy, so he can't cancel that one (note that we've also improved the dropdowns to make them consistent across the three views, cleaner on mobile devices, and show the exact cancellation policy in this kind of case). Skedda Fred then chooses "Cancel this and any following occurrences" from the second occurrence, which removes it and the following occurrences (leaving just the Feb 1 occurrence remaining).

Another improvement that we're happy to announce today is that admins can now use the month view on mobile devices (enabling it for non-admins is not too far away).

We hope you find these updates useful. As always, we invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions!