Vary your venue's hours of availability by space

Today we're happy to announce that it's now possible to vary your venue's hours of availability by space πŸ‘.

Venue owners will find the new editors for this in Settings > Hours of Availability.

Below we've shared a short video showing the new feature in action. The owner makes Studio 1 available from 9am-5pm on Mon-Fri, Studios 2 and 3 available from 10am-4pm on Mon-Fri, and Studios 4 and 5 available on Sat-Sun from 1pm-5pm.


These changes are immediately reflected on the scheduler day view. As shown below, non-admins are of course required to book within these hours of availability.


We've updated our support doc on this topic accordingly.

We hope you find this feature useful and invite you to reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

The Skedda Team

Settings/spaces rework now available on all existing accounts

We've now finished rolling out the settings rework to all accounts (the one we announced a few weeks ago). Enjoy the new features and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

The Skedda Team

Settings rework - including the ability to specify visuals and descriptions for spaces (initially enabled for new signups)

TL;DR - We've consolidated the owner-accessible settings pages of Skedda. Among numerous improvements, two highlights of the rework are the ability to upload images/photos for spaces and the ability to specify rich descriptive text for spaces (quick example below)!


Today we're happy to announce a significant and feature-rich rework of the settings pages in Skedda πŸ‘!

Before we elaborate, just note that we're currently in the roll-out phase for these changes (currently enabled for new signups). Owners of existing Skedda venues will see these changes enabled automatically on their account in the coming weeks (no action is required).

Settings unification

So…the most obvious part of the rework is that the Manage Spaces area of the app is gone. All of the Owner-accessible settings (including the management of spaces) can now be reached via the one-stop Settings area, accessed with a single click of the cog in the navbar:


You'll notice from the demo above that the Settings area has enjoyed a face-lift. Settings pages are now grouped into intuitive categories and have an accompanying icon for easier navigation and digestion.

New Spaces page

The new Spaces page is the place to easily create and manage your venue's spaces. This page includes a number of new features:

  • You can now upload images and photos for your spaces.
  • You can now specify rich descriptive text for your spaces. Markdown is supported (headers, lists, emphasis, links…).

Once provided, the images and descriptive text can be viewed by all users on your scheduler via the space's "info" icon. Selecting this icon brings up a rich modal dialog showing all of the information about the space, accompanied by a carousel of the corresponding space images. Here's a quick video showing an example:


A further improvement on the new Spaces page is the ability to drag-and-drop spaces to reorder them. Here's a quick example:


New Booking Conditions and Pricing Rules pages

Previously, booking conditions and pricing rules were specified at the level of each space. Now, both of these features exist at the venue level - the relevant conditions/rules now simply include a spaces filter so that it's simple to specify the spaces to which they apply! Here's an example of the owner creating conditions in the new interface that vary by space:


The idea is the same with pricing rules. Note also that it's now possible to easily reorder pricing rules (important because the ordering of pricing rules matters)! Here's an example of the owner creating a general "catch-all" pricing rule and a "specific" one following it. In order for the specific rule to be chosen over the "catch-all" rule, it needs to come first (so the admin moves it to the first position).


We hope you find this rework and the new features useful! As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

The Skedda Team

Scheduler display hours can now be customized

In response to clear feedback signals, we've now made it possible to hide irrelevant/superfluous hours from the scheduler day mode πŸ‘.

For example, you can hide the early-morning and late-night hours if they're never used for bookings, thereby reducing the amount that all users need to scroll when using the day mode (particularly useful for mobile devices)!

The venue owner can easily customize the display hours at any time by heading to the Hours of availability page in the venue settings. Here's a short video showing it in action:


We hope you'll find this feature valuable! As always, feel free to reach out to our support team should you have any questions, and enjoy your weekend!

The Skedda Team

Preparation complete for the PSD2/SCA regulation

With reference to our recent post on the topic, we're now happy to announce that we've completed all the changes required to meet the EU's upcoming PSD2 regulation. πŸ‘

If you're not using online payments through Skedda or you're not based in the European Economic Area, then you don't need to worry about this and you can stop reading now. Otherwise, read on!

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements of the PSD2 officially take effect on 14 September 2019. Some countries have however chosen to relax things with a "phase-in period" as discussed in this article.

Regardless of when the card-issuers of your customers start enforcing SCA, Skedda already has you covered and there's no action needed from your side πŸ‘.

Practically, your Skedda users won't notice any difference at all in the booking experience, except when their card-issuer explicitly requires them to complete authentication (e.g. with 3D-Secure technology). In these cases an additional authentication modal will appear on-page for completion. The booking experience remains smooth and fast in these cases (no messy page-reloads or redirects).

Rest assured that any relevant SCA exemptions will be automatically applied so that an authentication step is only required when absolutely necessary.

As always, we invite you to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about the PSD2 or SCA. Enjoy your weekend!

Quotas feature now available on all accounts

We've completed the roll-out of the new quotas feature we announced last week. It's now available for all venue accounts! πŸ‘

You can read detailed information about this feature in our new quotas support doc.

We hope you'll enjoy this new feature. As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

Quotas (initially enabled for new signups)

Today we're very happy to announce the release of our most-wanted feature: the ability to manage quotas (a.k.a. usage limits, booking allowances). We've initially enabled this feature for new venue signups and will be turning it on for existing accounts over the next week or two.

In a nutshell, the feature allows the owner to define quota rules like these:

  • Limit individuals to a per-user maximum of 4 hours per day across all spaces.
  • Limit individuals with any of the tags [Student, Member] to a per-user maximum of 10 hours per week across [Room 101, Room 102].
  • Limit the group of users with the tag Third-Floor Tenant to a total group maximum of 50 hours per calendar month across [Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B].

These examples illustrate that it's possible to setup quota rules that vary by space, custom user tag, period (day, week or month) and quota kind (i.e. applied per user/individual or applied over a group).

Here's a video showing how the owner creates the example rules above in the dedicated quotas area of the venue settings:


Once quota rules have been configured, non-admin users will see an informative error message if they attempt to make a booking that violates an applicable quota rule. Non-admin users can now also see their current usage for a selected date range under My bookings on the list view:


This new quotas feature is part of our Pro Pack offering (which you can trial for 30 days at no charge if you haven't already)!

We hope that you'll enjoy the ability to further automate your booking processes and policies with quotas! As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions, and have a great weekend!

Preparation for the EU's upcoming PSD2 regulation (Strong Customer Authentication)

The Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) will come into full effect in the EU on September 14, 2019. Today we'd like to share some comments on how this will affect Skedda users.

If you're not using online payments through Skedda or you're not based in the European Economic Area, then you don't need to worry about this and you can stop reading now πŸ‘. Otherwise, read on!

An important element of the PSD2 is the requirement for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on the majority of electronic payments. If you're taking payments through Skedda, it will be through a Stripe account. Rest assured that Stripe is leading the industry with respect to the PSD2. Stripe is investing heavily to make sure that payment flows remain smooth and frictionless despite the additional requirements imposed by SCA.

To start, Stripe will automatically apply appropriate exemptions to avoid end-users having to complete an authentication step. For example, Stripe will perform a real-time risk analysis to determine whether the payment falls under the "low risk" category (based on the transaction amount and the percentage of your merchant's transactions that have been reported as fraudulent in the past). For the usual scenario where the booking amounts are relatively small and you're not a fraudulent merchant, such exemptions will likely be frequently applicable and accepted by banks.

In the hopefully-rare case that no exemption can be made and the bank requires the customer to complete an on-session authentication flow, there are two cases in Skedda to consider:

  • Customer-initiated transactions: This is the "upfront" payments approach in Skedda, whereby the customer pays immediately for their booking. If SCA is required for the payment to complete, a modal dialog will pop up with the relevant bank's authentication challenge for the customer to complete. There won't be any messy page-reloads or redirects in this process so the payment flow will remain smooth and enjoyable.

  • Merchant-initiated transactions: This is mainly applicable for the case where the venue is following the "book now, pay later" payments approach and it's a venue admin (i.e. the merchant) that initiates the payment when the customer is not "on-session". In these scenarios, when the customer first adds their payment method, they'll be asked to complete authentication and also agree to have their card charged by the merchant at a later time. We'll then mark admin-initiated charges as "merchant-initiated" so that the relevant bank doesn't require SCA. Stripe is currently finalizing the APIs for this particular scenario (expected to be available for Skedda to implement by July 1).

From the Skedda side, we're currently working hard to make sure that all the required changes are being made from our side well in advance of the deadline (namely upgrading to the latest APIs that support these SCA flows). We've already completed a significant portion of this work.

Skedda users can rest assured that they've chosen the correct products to work with (Stripe and Skedda) as we move together towards an even safer internet!

As usual, feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions on the PSD2 or SCA. We'll provide further updates on this topic in the upcoming months as events warrant.

Brand color

Today we're happy to announce that you can color your venue account with your organization's own brand color!! πŸ‘πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸ”ΆπŸ”ΊπŸŒžπŸ’ͺ


To set your color, log in as the owner, navigate to Venue Settings -> Basics and either choose from one of our vibrant suggestions or enter a specific "hex" value. You'll then see the color change immediately and you're done!

We've invested considerable effort to make sure your brand color is deeply integrated into all the relevant parts of both the admin and user experience. For example, your brand color is used in:

  • the main navbar on desktop and mobile devices,
  • the home-screen launcher icons for our progressive app on mobile devices,
  • the various in-app modals (e.g. the new-booking modal),
  • the venue- and user-directed email notifications,
  • the login and registration pages, and
  • the various browser icons.

Here are a few more screenshots showing beautiful brand colors in action!




This new brand-color feature is part of our Pro Pack offering (which you can trial for 30 days at no charge if you haven't already)!

A few final remarks on this new feature:

  • For optimal appearance in all scenarios, we require that your brand color is "dark enough" to form the background for white graphics and text. Skedda will warn you if you use a color that's too light, and in this case just choose one of the darker variants of your brand color!

  • Although we continue to generally support Internet Explorer 11 (which is almost six years old and nearing the end of its life), this brand-color feature isn't supported on this browser. If you're still using Internet Explorer 11, we strongly recommend updating to a modern browser like (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

We hope that you'll enjoy the fresh and customized new look of your Skedda account! As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions!

Seamless user-registration through external providers; Further security enhancements

Users that follow a venue-provided invitation/register link can now choose to register with their existing Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft account. This saves your users a bunch of time because they no longer need to manually type out their details nor complete the email-verification and login-setup flow (authentication is simply handled through the external provider) πŸ‘.


In other news, we continue to invest significant amounts of energy to protect your data. Today we're happy to announce that we've deployed Advanced Threat-Protection Monitoring as well as Automated Periodic Vulnerability-Assessment Scans. You can find a discussion of these new security features in our comprehensive article on data security.

As always, feel free to reach out to the Skedda team if you have any questions!