"Edit this and following occurrences" feature

Today we're happy to release a new feature for working with recurring/repeating bookings.

Until now, admins could edit a repeating booking in one of two ways, namely 1) by editing a single occurrence or 2) by editing the entire series (i.e. all occurrences, both past and future). With today's release, admins can benefit from the option to edit from a chosen occurrence only. This feature makes it much simpler to make changes to a repeating booking from a certain point without affecting previous occurrences (which often need to be left unchanged for record-keeping purposes).

Booking System   Sked Studios   Skedda (1).png

This new feature functions just as you would expect with respect to notifications: the holder is notified if an admin makes a change to their booking. Naturally, the feature also stores event logs in the usual format for review in your Booking activity feed.

On a related note (mainly relevant for venues where pricing is involved): we're happy to mention that we've started working on the ability for repeating bookings to have a paid payment status, and hence the ability to charge and accept payments for repeating bookings. Stay tuned for more on this within the next month!

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team if there are any questions we can answer for you, and enjoy your weekend!

New "Wall-Calendar"/"Weeks" Mode

Rolling with the momentum of our recent UI rework, we're happy to be announcing a new Month scheduler mode containing a week-by-week overview of bookings (i.e. classic wall-calendar-style).

Booking System   Sked Studios   Skedda.png

This new mode is one of our "most wanted" features and is a natural complement to the other three modes, helping users to digest venue bookings week-by-week. All of the same booking-management functions are available on this new mode, including the ability to create a new booking with the green plus down the bottom right. The display is responsive to your device height and adapts dynamically to fill all available space, thereby maximizing the amount of visible booking information without having to scroll.

As shown in the following video, the popovers in this new mode show the spaces used by each booking. Additionally, the spaces filter up the top right can be used as usual to filter bookings by any views (locations, areas, groups of spaces) you've setup.


Note that the former Month mode has been renamed to Grid mode (a name we feel is more logical considering it lays out days against spaces). Also note that this new Month mode is a bit too "information heavy" to be useful on small mobiles, so you won't see it as an option on these small devices (we recommend the List mode for a similar presentation of information on small mobiles).

Finally, note that there are still a few venues for which we have not yet enabled the new UI and hence won't yet see this new Month mode. We expect the migration of these final venues to be complete within the next week.

Enjoy the new scheduler Month mode and feel free to reach out to us as always if you have any questions!

Release of New Skedda Interface (enabled initially for new venues)

Following the recent "sneak peek", we're proud to announce that the new Skedda interface has now been released for new venue signups. Existing venues can expect to see the new interface enabled for their account over the coming weeks as we progressively roll it out (thanks for your patience!).

Sneak Peek: Skedda's New Interface

Today we'd like to offer you a taste of something we've been working hard on for the last little while: the new Skedda interface!

At Skedda, we're committed to keeping our users up-to-date with the latest advancements in interface design and user-experience. In this light, our new interface exploits some of the most exciting new tools and frameworks to achieve a modern, clean and consistent feel across all devices. The revamp will additionally include some new features, like the ability to create a new booking from any area of the scheduler (not just the day view).

The development of these changes is almost complete, and within a few weeks we expect to have completed our internal reviews and testing. We'll then begin rolling out the new interface to venues (initially to new signups).

Rest assured that we've made these changes with you in mind. We've worked hard to ensure that all users will enjoy a natural and smooth transition to the new interface in their "day to day". The functions to which you've become accustomed are all still there and reachable in the same way...they've just had a facelift! That said, if you do have any questions about the upcoming changes, feel free to reach out to our support team in advance and we'll be happy to answer them.

Now, without further ado, here are a few screenshots of the new interface to whet your appetite!

Month/grid view


Creating a new booking from the list view


New bookings on mobile devices


User management


Space management


Venue settings management


Skedda one of the first to join new Stripe partner program


We’re excited to join the Stripe Partner Program to increase internet commerce and help venues start, run, and scale their operations.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will now benefit from the combination of Skedda's intuitive scheduling with Stripe’s seamless payments platform.

Accepting online payments via Stripe is so easy and can be set up in just a few minutes in Skedda. Find all the info on getting started here

We think that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started and increases economic output and trade around the world. Together with Stripe, we're helping to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the internet.

Booking-activity feed now visible from the scheduler list view

It's now possible for administrators to view their venue's booking-activity feed directly from the scheduler list view (previously this feed was a little hidden in the settings area):


This feed enables admins to easily monitor all the changes that are being made to bookings, so its new home directly on the scheduler makes more sense!

On another note, we continue to enable the recently-announced user tags feature for existing venues. If you're not yet seeing the changes, hold tight!

User Tags (enabled initially for new venues)

TL;DR: Today we're happy to announce user tagging: a feature that further simplifies Skedda's concepts while simultaneously giving you more power to manage how your users can interact and book.

Before we explain it in detail, just keep in mind that this feature is initially enabled for new venue accounts. It will be progressively enabled for existing venues in the coming weeks (no action is required to enable it).

The basic idea is that we've merged the concepts of access levels and user groups into a single, simpler concept of user tags. Each user can have any number of tags. When this new feature is enabled on your existing venue account, you'll see that your admins now hold the Admin tag and your trusted users now hold the Trusted tag (Regular users hold neither tag). Likewise, any groups you've created will also be converted into tags and applied to your relevant users.

For example, this classic users list...


...will look like so after the feature is enabled:


Rest assured that the practical permissions and actions available to each user have not changed: it's just a simpler way of structuring the same ideas.

Once the feature is enabled, admins are free to create their own custom tags too. For example, here an admin has created the tags Junior, Member, Pays cash and Trainer.

Booking System   Test Tags   Skedda (2).png

Going forward, the simple tags concept will allow us to offer some powerful improvements to the product. Already with this release, admins can just specify the tag(s) a user must have to be able to book (at a high level) and the tags a user must have to be exempt from online payments (if enabled). For example, here an admin is specifying that only users tagged as a Member or Trainer can book, while users tagged with Pays cash should additionally be exempt from online payments:

Booking System   Test Tags   Skedda (3).png

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda.png

In a similar way, the new color-scheme editor allows admins to style their scheduler based on user tags. The following rule, for example, says to "color a booking purple if its holder is a Member or an Admin":

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (1).png

We've also completely redesigned the spaces section. It's now trivial to create, edit, re-order and delete spaces. The editor for configuring space-sharing (dependencies between spaces) is also new and more intuitive.


The controls for setting up booking and pricing conditions for a space have also been improved, and now allow rule filters based on tags. For example, the following pricing condition says to charge a fixed price of $10.00 for bookings made by Members and Trainers:

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (2).png

We hope you're starting to see a pattern here: Skedda's features can vary in a flexible way based on the tags you apply to users. You'll see this pattern repeat as we continue to improve Skedda. The result is a flexible way to meet the booking requirements of your venue without requiring a degree in rocket-surgery!

To finish up, there's one more feature in this update that particularly resonates with our vision of maximizing self-service and minimizing the workload of admins: it's now possible to generate and send out tag-specific invitation links. For example, the following link ensures that the tags Member and Junior are applied to any person that registers using it. This means that admins can invite different kinds of users in bulk, knowing that each will interact with the system in the appropriate way and not have to worry about micro-managing the permissions of each user.

Booking System   Tags Central   Skedda (3).png

We hope that your team will find these updates useful. As usual, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about these improvements.

Security, performance and UX enhancements

We're happy to announce the following improvements:


  • We've enabled DNSSEC on our domain skedda.com, which tightens up our DNS layer and protects against certain types of attacks.

  • We've disabled support for the older TLS protocols TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. We now receive a grade of A+ on the industry-standard SSL Labs security test.

  • We've enabled the X-Frame-Options header on our server responses, which helps to prevent certain kinds of attacks ("clickjacking"). We now support all the security headers recommended by the industry-standard security-headers test.

  • We've updated our article on data security to reflect these latest enhancements.


  • We've enabled HTTP/2 support for all venues. This feature decreases latency and improves page-load speed by using data compression, request-pipelining and multiplexing.

User Experience

  • On the scheduler day view, we're now showing more of the booking title (previously truncated) when there is enough space on the booking block.


  • We've fixed a user-reported issue that was causing the incorrect computation of booking prices in some (rare) cases.

Reminder about Data-Processing Agreements for the GDPR

  • About a month ago we announced that we're offering Data-Processing Agreements (DPAs) for venues affected by the GDPR. If your venue falls into this category, please feel free to reach out to the Skedda team via [email protected] to sign a DPA between Skedda and your organization.

New option to log in with a Microsoft account

In addition to the existing Facebook, Google and Twitter options, Skedda users can now choose to authenticate themselves using their Microsoft account. Many people already have a Microsoft account for products like Office 365, Outlook.com, Skype, Xbox Live and Windows.


If you're currently using a password-based login for Skedda and wish to switch to a Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft login, just head to the login page. From there, click 'Reset login now' and follow the prompts. Once you're setup, that's one password fewer to worry about!

Privacy Improvements, GDPR-Preparation and Data-Processing Agreements

At Skedda, we feel that you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it. In this light, you may have heard from your other favorite apps recently that Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go "live" from May 25, 2018. The GDPR imposes tougher obligations for organizations when handling personal data, and we're truly excited to see the positive effect (from the user's perspective) that it is having on the web ecosystem. We've been preparing for the GDPR for some time, and have (along with countless other companies) now updated our privacy policy to suit (effective May 25, 2018). The new policy, available here, includes:

  • More transparency on the personal data we collect ("Personal Data We Collect" heading);
  • More transparency on how we use personal data in our services ("How We Use the Personal Data We Collect" heading);
  • More transparency on how we share your data with our third-party service providers ("Sharing Your Personal Data with Third Parties" heading);
  • More clarity about your rights, controls and choices ("Your Rights, Controls and Choices" heading); and
  • Clear instructions for accessing, changing and deleting your personal data in our services ("Accessing, Changing and Deleting Your Personal Data" heading).

For venues, we've also updated our Terms of Service to prepare for the GDPR. As part of this change, we're happy to announce that we are now offering to enter into a GDPR Data-Processing Agreement (DPA) with any venue that requires one. If your venue would like to enter into a DPA with Skedda, please contact our support team using the in-app communicator (or email [email protected]) to begin the process.

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