Skedda updates
Skedda updates

New mobile interface

Today we're excited to announce our new mobile interface ๐Ÿ‘. We've commenced its rollout to existing accounts and expect it to complete by the end of next week (if you don't see it yet, just hold on a few more days)!

The new interface includes numerous improvements. Here's an overview of just a few of them!

Map view now supports pan and pinch-zoom gestures

For accounts that have opted for customized floor plans and maps, these now support panning and pinch-zooming with familiar touch gestures. Particularly for large maps, this makes reviewing and choosing a space on a specific area of the map much simpler. If you don't yet have your custom maps integrated with your Skedda account, reach out to our support team (e.g. via email or the in-app support widget) and we'll be happy to help.


Day and Grid views now support swipe gestures

For all accounts, the Day and Grid views now support touch-swipe gestures for navigating spaces horizontally (for the common case where the number of spaces is too high to sensibly show them all at once). This is a more natural way to navigate spaces on a mobile device (previously left/right navigation buttons fulfilled this purpose, however they were less user-friendly and had no transition animations).

Note that the filters (discussed further below) also offer a quick "jump to" option for reaching a specific space, which might be a quicker alternative if the number of available spaces is large.


New filter modals

The Day, Grid and List views now have their additional filters contained in a convenient search/filter modal, opened by tapping on the magnifying glass icon. Here's an example of an admin opening the modal to focus on "Rooms", "jumping to" some specific rooms and finally clearing the filters.


Searching/filtering spaces by availability (Day view)

We've added a new filter to the Day view that helps users focus on just those spaces having availabilities during a chosen time period. If a user wants to make a booking and the number of spaces is large and they are in high demand, this filter makes it nice and easy to find an opening (i.e. preventing them from swiping across many already-booked spaces). Here's an example of a user wanting to make a booking for a Room sometime during the morning hours (9am-12pm). The user first filters for Rooms, then specifies the broad time range within which they'd be happy to make their booking. Conference Room 1 isn't shown in the results, for example, because it's already booked for 9am-12pm. Spaces with at least some availability during 9am-12pm are shown.


Improved date-picker on the Day view

The date-picker on the Day view now has a row of "quick-access" upcoming days, making it easy to browse the near future without having to open the full date-picker on the right (which of course is also available if required).


List view now shows information about the spaces

The List view on mobile devices previously did not include any "inline" information about the spaces of each booking (it only showed the user/title information). A snippet of this information is now provided, meaning that bookings no longer need to be "expanded" in order to see which space they're for.

download (1)_iphone12prographite_portrait.png

We hope you'll find the new mobile interface useful, and as always invite you to reach out to our support team (e.g. via email or the in-app chat widget) if you have any questions (including how to get your own custom maps/floor-plans on your account if you don't already have them)!

The Skedda team

Improved date-pickers

Most of our users will have already noticed and used the overhauled date-pickers we released today. After all, these pickers are a core component of a scheduling app like Skedda and it's hard to avoid them!

Here's a basic "before and after":


Although the overall structure is of course familiar, it's easy to see that the new picker is more spacious. Particularly on mobile devices, this makes the "touch targets" clearer and easier to hit.

You'll also notice that the "today" date (e.g. 29 January 2021 on the right date-picker) is now shown with a light rounded border, and the date that's actually currently selected by the user (31 January) is shown with a solid background. Your brand color is used for both.

There are some concrete improvements that these date-pickers offer in specific areas of the app, explained below:

1. "Quick ranges" on the list view

The date-picker on the list view now offers common date ranges for quick selection by logged-in users. Specifically, the ranges available to quickly filter the list view are "Last week", "Last month", "This week", "This month", "Next week" and "Next month". These should prove handy when you want to quickly print or export the bookings in one of these common intervals.


2. Occurrences now highlighted for repeating bookings

For repeating bookings, all booking occurrence dates are now highlighted in the "Exceptions" picker of the booking modal/form (bold in your brand color). This highlighting guides you while you choose any exceptions to your repetition rule, and also gives you an additional visual way to review all the booking occurrences generally (in addition to the textual summary already offered). In the screenshot below, the picker is showing the occurrences for a bi-weekly recurring booking for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where the 17th and 19th February have been selected as exceptions (no occurrence on those dates). The picker makes it clear that the other occurrences in February are on the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 15th.


3. Full-month picker on the month view

The month view previously had a normal day-level picker. The new picker for the month view works at a more intuitive level by allowing you to choose the month instead.


The new date-pickers of course continue to support your chosen locale setting (weekday/month names in your language) and "first day of week" setting. They also continue to offer the ability to click on the heading to "level up" to year/decade views if you need to move a long way into the past or the future.

We hope you like the new date-pickers and invite you to reach out to our team should you have any questions!

The Skedda team

2020 summary, and happy 2021!

To close out 2020 we'd like to thank all our users and wish everyone a great start to 2021! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It's hard to summarize the year without discussing the pandemic. For basically the entirety of 2020, the coronavirus forced us all to think carefully about the manner in which we occupy space. As authorities worldwide began imposing restrictions to this end, organizations started looking for tech solutions that would help them to adapt and comply.

Although we didn't consciously design Skedda with pandemics in mind, it turns out that our services offer a clean solution to the problem of closely managing the use of shared spaces during such a scenario. As a result, our platform received a significantly increased amount of attention from organizations around the world as the pandemic unfolded. The pandemic-relevant features found in Skedda that they were often looking for include:

  • Strict conflict prevention
  • Buffer time between bookings
  • Custom booking fields (e.g. confirming that the person booking is in good health)
  • Overall capacity/usage constraints, including group quota rules
  • Space-linking/sharing (e.g. making adjacent spaces automatically unavailable when a booking is made)
  • Strictly "staggering" bookings in time for neighboring spaces (to prevent people running in to each other when arriving and leaving)
  • Ensuring sufficient advance-notice for bookings (with Booking window rules)
  • Clear audit trails and booking reports (to help with contact-tracing)
  • A strong focus on self-service (reduces contact with others)

We're proud that we were able to (and continue to) help a large number of organizations navigate these tough times.

We're also proud of our general achievements in 2020. We continued to invest significant resources to ensure that the platform remains reliable, available, fast and secure to an industry-leading standard. Our uptime for 2020 was again over 99.99%.

Of course, we also released numerous features, updates and general improvements to the platform this year. There are too many to mention in detail, but here's a recap of the highlights:

We hope that you found many of these new features and improvements useful for your organization this year. ๐Ÿ‘

We're really looking forward to 2021! Our growing team will be working hard to bring to you more of the features you've been asking for whilst maintaining our industry-leading level of service and support.

For now though, a hearty Happy New Year from the Skedda Team! ๐Ÿ˜€

Scheduled maintenance for New Year's Day (planned downtime)

Starting at 09:00 UTC on Friday 1 January 2021 ("New Year's Day") and lasting up to 90 minutes (but likely shorter), we will be performing some planned maintenance on our service-hosting resources. Skedda will be unavailable while the maintenance is being performed. Users will see an informative "We'll be back soon" page with a link to our status page with up-to-date progress information.

We've planned this maintenance window specifically for New Year's Day to reduce the potential for impact on our users/customers.

If you need access to your venue's booking data during this time, we recommend that you export/print the required information in advance (from the admin list view).

We'll post a message on our status page ( when the maintenance is complete.

New mobile interface - rollout (update)

Today we're sharing a quick update on the roll-out process of our new mobile interface. We've received some excellent feedback from the small subset of venues that were in the initial phase. The feedback included some awesome ideas for how to improve it even further, and we're going to take the time to do so before completing the roll-out. Stay tuned!

New mobile interface

Today we're excited to announce our new mobile interface ๐Ÿ‘. We're beginning with its rollout to existing accounts today and expect it to complete by the end of next week (if you don't see it yet, just hold on a few more days)!

Let's take a look at some quick videos of it in action! Here's the centerpiece Schedule view (the app color in this video is different to the screenshot aboveโ€ฆit can namely be customized):


This Schedule view gives users a way to quickly find available spaces to book. After using the large tap-friendly date options and the handy slider to specify the booking time, the set of available spaces is visible and scrollable immediately. If you have views configured across your spaces, users can also use them to quickly pre-filter to just those kinds of spaces of interest (e.g. only rooms, or desks, or studios). Users can then easily expand a space to see its detailed timeline for the day, and create/manage their bookings directly.

As you can see, this new interface is specifically designed for mobiles and optimized for their displays. The is in contrast to the previous interface, where the Day and Grid views on mobiles were essentially a responsive version of our desktop interface and weren't a perfect fit for the mobile format.

The new interface also offers two further scheduling views: Map and List (the Map view is visible after you add maps/floor-plans to your account).

The Map and List views on the new modal interface are inspired by their previous versions, but they've been given a significant facelift. For example, it's now much easier to navigate between dates and filter information on these views. Here are a couple of short videos showing them in action:



We hope you'll find the new mobile interface useful, and as always invite you to reach out to our support team (e.g. via email or the in-app chat widget) if you have any questions (including how to get your own custom maps/floor-plans on your account if you don't already have them)!

The Skedda team

New features for floor plans / maps

Today we're happy to announce a number of new features for floor plans / maps ๐Ÿ‘.

1. "Where am I?"

Your non-admin users can now see their own bookings highlighted with a user symbol (in your organization's brand color) when they explore the map. This is particularly handy if they just arrived for a booking and need a reminder of exactly where they booked! Here's a quick screenshot.

download (24).png

2. Timeline summary for map spaces

Clicking on any map space will now show its timeline for the day, including all its bookings and all the times around them that are available to book. Users can book directly from the timeline or from the primary button at the top (which starts a booking for the time that the user explored through the range-slider on the map). Here's a short video to give you the idea (also demonstrates strict blocking conditions, which in this example require the user to book exactly 4:00pm to 10:00pm):


3. Booking-management, directly from the map

The map mode now offers users and admins all the same booking-management capabilities as the other scheduler modes (day, grid, month, list). This means that users no longer need to navigate to another scheduler mode in order to change or cancel, for example! Here's a short video showing how Sally can cancel the booking that she made above, directly from the map:


4. "Where's Suzy?"

Non-admin users now have a new filter on the list mode if you've chosen to share booking-holder information with them. To complement the option of seeing "All bookings" and "My bookings", users will now see an "Others" option which allows them to show just those bookings held by another user. This is very handy if Paul would like to quickly find when and where Suzy is booked. A search option is included inline to make the selection easy if you have a big team! Here's a screenshot to give you the idea:

download (25).png

We hope you and your users find these features valuable! If you don't yet have a floor plan / map for your Skedda account, just reach out to our support team (e.g. via email or the in-app chat widget) and we'll be happy to help! We can also quickly enable or share a demo map with you if you'd like to have a play with it!

The Skedda team

User-tagging rules for Single Sign-On

Today we're happy to announce a new feature for those that have enabled Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication in Skedda. ๐Ÿ‘

It's now possible to create "Attribute Rules" in your Skedda SSO configuration to automatically tag users based on attributes that your Identity Provider (IdP) sends through (e.g. Azure AD, G-Suite, Okta, ADFSโ€ฆ).

For example, if you're using Skedda for internal desk bookings and your users are divided into departments, you might wish to tag each user with a department tag in Skedda so that the desks they can book are appropriately limited. Here's an example of such a rule that exploits our new feature - it assigns the "Marketing" tag to newly-provisioned SSO users that have the "Marketing" value for the "Department" attribute that your IdP sends us:

image (10).png

You can read more about SSO configuration in our updated support article here.

We hope you find this feature useful if you're using SSO, and invite you as always to reach out to us if you have any questions!

The Skedda team

Duplicate/clone booking, Option to hide payment fields

Today we're happy to announce two new highly-requested features! ๐Ÿ‘

1. Duplicate/Clone Booking

It's now possible to create a new booking from the "duplicate" or "clone" of another. Admins can duplicate any booking, and regular users ("non-admins") can duplicate any of their own bookings (assuming of course that a new booking with the same attributes is still allowed by the venue's configured policies).

The option to duplicate a booking is available from any scheduler mode in the booking dropdown as shown below. The "New booking" modal is then shown with the duplicated booking information, ready for fine-tuning and confirmation. Conflicts are never allowed in Skedda, so at the very minimum the date/time/spaces of the duplicate booking need to be adjusted as desired.

download (20).png

2. Option to hide payment fields

The Price and Payment status fields are now omitted from booking forms when the venue has no pricing rules setup (in Settings => Pricing). The intuition is that these fields are unnecessary if pricing is not relevant for a venue.

If the venue does have pricing rules setup, the Price and Payment status fields will of course continue to be available as part of the admin booking forms (as shown below).

download (21).png

As part of enabling this change for existing venues, we made sure that these fields will continue to show for venues that have made use of them in the past.

We hope you find these features useful, and invite you as always to reach out to us if you have any questions!

The Skedda team

Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML 2.0

Today we're excited to announce the official release of our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, another highly-requested feature from our "most wanted" list ๐Ÿ‘.

SSO is particularly helpful if many of the users of your Skedda account have email addresses on the same domain (e.g. and you wish to allow them to use their existing organizational login to access Skedda. This is very convenient and great for security, because users don't have to setup additional credentials and automatically lose access when they leave your organization.

download (17).png

Skedda supports the authentication and auto-registration of users through SSO "Identity Providers" with a SAML 2.0 option. The vast majority of Identity Providers support this, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) / Office 365
  • G-Suite
  • Okta
  • ADFS
  • OneLogin
  • (โ€ฆand many more)

You'll find the relevant settings area in Settings => SSO. Before you can actually configure SSO on your venue account, just note that you need to have your subscription upgraded by Skedda support. Please contact our support team to request this (you can do this directly from the settings page mentioned above as well).

If you'd like to have a read of the details, we have comprehensive support documentation on this new feature here.

Our support team looks forward to hearing from you if you're interested in SSO!

The Skedda team